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Photo Radar Locations - Visit this page to find Information on Photo Radar Locations in the City of Lethbridge, Alberta.  Updated on a Monthly Basis.  Although the information is obtained directly from the Police Department, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions.  For your FREE LISTING or to provide updates please go to CONTACT US page.


Photo radar is used to monitor school zones, high density traffic areas, and areas not normally monitored because it is not possible by conventional means, or is too dangerous.

More than half of a daily shift is dedicated to School and Playground areas. Many of the areas monitored outside of these areas contain school bus drop-off and pick-up locations. Other locations are points where students commonly cross, high density traffic roads to get to and from schools or recreational facilities.

Other places monitored are high collision areas and locations where the public has expressed concerns. These areas can vary from a side street to main multi-lane traffic areas. Many of these locations are routinely monitored to prevent repeat offences.

Photo radar also collects data on traffic flow and density. This information can be used by City Planners to better design signalling and direction.

The Photo Radar locations are posted daily on the radio stations and in the local paper. A yearly report is complied and sent to the Alberta Justice for review.


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