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Lottery Numbers -

Check out your "Lottery Ticket Winning Numbers Now".  Click on the logo to go to the winning numbers for that image.

How To Claim Your Prize?


Up to $200*  -  Prizes up to $200 are automatically validated when scanned by a lottery terminal, and retailers are required to pay these prizes, or to make arrangements to do so.

Over $200 to $1,000**  -  Ask the retailer if they have available cash to pay your prize. Lottery retailers are not obligated to pay prizes over $200. If a ticket wins $200.01 or more, the retailer can cancel the validation, and direct you to claim your prize at another retailer or from a prize office.*

$1,001 to $9,999.99  -  Call 1-800-665-3313 for instructions.

$10,000 and over  -  Call 1-800-665-3313 for instructions.

*Stores or franchises may choose not to redeem prizes of over $200 for a variety of reasons, which may include security concerns about keeping large amounts of cash on the premises. Lottery retailers are independent businesses, and we respect their right to make such decisions.

Game Sense is an important part of our ongoing commitment to promote responsible gambling in Alberta.  GameSense provides valuable information about gambling so that you can make informed decisions when participating in gambling activities whether it is slot machines, table games, vlts, bingo or lottery.  Click on the logo to transfer to their site.

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